A Electric Solutions

Goldview Studios were commissioned to design, print, mail, deliver and install a wide array of marketing material for an up-and-coming electrical services company known as A Electric Solutions. The goal was the maintain a consistent visual identity across all forms of print and signage.

In relation to the stadium signage, we designed, printed and installed the pitchside banners at The Maurice Rebak Stadium, home of English football club Finchley and Wingate. The pitchside banners sit proudly on both ends of the stadium, viewed by thousands of roaring fans, week in and week out.

Moreover, we designed, printed and mailed hundreds of notecards to their loyal customer base over the holiday season. Furthermore, we designed, printed and delivered dozens of Correx board signs to the A Electric Solutions head office. These signs are to be displayed on-site when carrying out electrical work.

As a result, A Electric Solutions has experienced an increase in revenue.

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